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Company Overview

The Perduco Group Building Founded in 2011, The Perduco Group (Perduco) is dedicated to leading clients from data to decision with a broad range of capability in the areas of data, information, and insight. We support clients along this data continuum based on where they are organizationally and the type of analytical support required. We are a Woman-Owned Small Business committed to growing a creative, energetic, and impact-focused company. Our company has been built on understanding the client's needs and developing high-end consulting and full-time services to support customers across numerous business domains.

The Perduco team consists of data architects, operations research analysts, and visualization and software developers who create solutions for clients’ to gain insight into their decisions. Perduco also provides full time support for clients in the areas of data expertise, program management, and engineering and analysis support. Perduco provides a very strong background, expertise, and capability in the areas of Management Science, Operations Research, Database Design/Development, Data Architecting, Web-based Analytics, and Test & Evaluation Support (test development, analysis, and reporting).

Company Culture

The Perduco Group prides itself on being an outstanding data analytics company. Our corporate culture and approach to every customer we have makes us who we are as an organization and differentiates us from other data analytics firms.
The Perduco Group's Characteristics:
  • Our ability to "lead through" tough problems and opportunities
  • Our highly regarded team of professional experts
  • Our approach and work ethic that suits our client's individual needs
  • Our quality results and timeliness of our services
  • Our extensive expertise in specific technical areas
The Perduco Group's Core values:
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • High-level Results
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